What you'll learn

  • Industry Insider

    Understand the opportunities available in the industry, target audiences, special niche markets, various business and revenue models, and how to approach them successfully. Locate industry sources for your inventory and equipments.

  • Skills, Strategies & Tactics

    Engage with hands-on skills required in the business and be prepared to strategize with impact. Real-world tactics and tips are provided to allow for immediate action.

  • Finances, Pricing & Earning

    What's the startup capital and ongoing expenses? What's the profit margin? How do you implement the pricing strategy? How can you expand and scale the business to take it to the next level?

Course curriculum

    1. Lesson 1.1 Understanding the dollar store industry

    2. Lesson 1.2 Understanding the dollar store business model

    3. Lesson 1.3 Market analysis and target audience

    4. Lesson 1.4 Benefits and challenges of running a dollar store

    1. Lesson 2.1 Developing a business plan

    2. Lesson 2.2 Choosing a store format: Independent vs. Franchise

    3. Lesson 2.3 Selecting a suitable location

    4. Lesson 2.4 Estimating startup costs and ongoing expenses

    5. Lesson 2.5 Creating a financial plan and sourcing funds

    1. Lesson 3.1 Registering your business

    2. Lesson 3.2 Acquiring necessary permits and licenses

    3. Lesson 3.3 Understanding tax requirements

    4. Lesson 3.4 Insurance coverage

    5. Lesson 3.5 Employment laws and regulations

    1. Lesson 4.1 Sourcing and purchasing merchandise

    2. Lesson 4.2. International trade shows and expos for sourcing merchandise

    3. Lesson 4.3 Negotiating with suppliers and manufacturers

    4. Lesson 4.4 Pricing strategies for profit maximization

    5. Lesson 4.5 Maintaining inventory control and tracking

    1. Lesson 5.1 Importance of an appealing store layout

    2. Lesson 5.2 Creating a functional floor plan for various types and store sizes

    3. Lesson 5.3 Design principles for merchandising and visual displays

    4. Lesson 5.4 Signage and branding

    5. Lesson 5.5 Organizing and displaying products

    6. Lesson 5.6 Ensuring accessibility and safety

    1. Lesson 6.1 Identifying your target market

    2. Lesson 6.2 Creating a unique selling proposition (USP)

    3. Lesson 6.3 Developing a marketing plan

    4. Lesson 6.4 Online and offline marketing strategies

    5. Lesson 6.5 Measuring marketing effectiveness and adjusting strategies

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  • 44 lessons

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